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Friday, May 15, 2015

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The project to install infrastructure on Ile Soleil is on track to be completed by January 2016 with 50% of the works already completed.

Giving a progress update of the project, Mervin Padayachy, Project Manager with Consultant firm, Gibbs Limited said corridors have been set up; 1 ½ kilometers of sewage lines laid and 3 electricity substations have been completed.

The remaining works to be completed includes curbing and laying of asphalt for the 2 ½ kilometers of road to be constructed. This will be undertaken over the next few months. Although the sewage pipelines have been laid, work is underway to connect them to a pump station and subsequently a sewage treatment plant.

In reference to electricity installations, Mr. Padayachy said “We are on the fourth substation; the only outstanding thing now is we are waiting for the electric cables to arrive and we are expecting this within the month.”

Gibbs Limited has established a 3-month timeline for the completion of all underground services. After which, the firm will verify that the works have been completed to the required standard then handed over to 20/20 Development, the company in charge of developing Ile Soleil.


A national policy on the family will soon be launched says the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Vincent Meriton.

The policy has been described by Minister Meriton as the direct result of the Social Renaissance program. He said it will ensure the wellbeing and stability of the family in Seychelles. The main aim of this national policy for the family is to bring more support to families for them to assume their responsibilities.

Minister Meriton made the declaration in his message to commemorate the International day of the family celebrated on the 15th May.


The former Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment, Pierre Laporte has accepted to take up the post of Chief Executive Officer of the SACOS Insurance group.

A Press Release from SACOS says that Mr. Laporte accepted the responsibility after the current CEO, Antonio Lucas tendered his notice for retirement.

Mr. Lucas was the first CEO of the SACOS group after it was privatized in 2006.






:: Learning Zone A focus on  primary and secondary level
education by  local teachers



The SBC produces a number of local programmes with a special focus on the Seychellois culture and way of life. Our Programming is based on a series and season basis. Most series run for thirteen weeks.

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Glee - Sunday
A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own.





The Wild - mardi

Un extraordinaire soap opéra Sud Africain alliant glamour, intrigues et passions dans l’extraordinaire beauté sauvage du Krufer park. Il a pour principal décor une vaste réserve abritant un luxueux hotel ; Le Dinaledi Lodge. C’est l'histoire de trois familles que tout oppose à priori : les Lebones, les Van Reenens et les Tladis. Ces différentes familles ont pourtant en commun un morceau de terre. En raison de nombreux conflits antérieurs, les familles ont du mal à instaurer cohésion et confiances entre elles, mais elles restent liées par: le « DINALEDI LODGE ».


Le Triomphe de l'Amour - jeudi et dimanche

Victoria est l’incarnation même de la réussite: créatrice de mode reconnue, mariée à un acteur célèbre, elle est admirée de tous. Mais elle cache en elle et à toute sa famille un lourd secret et une profonde blessure. Victoria est l'une des créatrices de mode les plus reconnues du Mexique. Elle vit dans un luxueux manoir avec son mari Osvaldo, un acteur célèbre. Ils ont deux enfants, Fernanda et Maximiliano (fils d’Osvaldo et de sa première épouse).




A third Airtel ICT Resource Centre is now open at the School of Advanced Level Studies in line with an agreement signed in April 2014.

The agreement which was signed between Airtel, the Seychelles National Youth Council, the Youth Department, the Department for Information Communication Technology and the Ministry for Education to provide the youth with more access to internet services.

The recently opened center at Anse Royale caters to the students of post secondary institutions, School of A-Level Studies, and the School of Visual Arts. It offers free internet services to access educational sites, get online resources available to other Cambridge learners and wi-fi access for comfortable use

Axelle Bodwell, a SALS student says this final centre decentralizes internet services and allows more youth to access these facilities. She added that it came about following requests made by students of the institutions during a recent 2-day symposium. “A sympathetic ears to the pleas of SALS students at the symposium who complained that we do not have a properly equipped library and adequate resources. We are proud to see that indeed the higher authorities are attentive to the voice of the youth.”

The Minister for Education, MacSuzy Mondon and the Managing Director of Airtel Seychelles, Amadou Mahamat Dina unveiled the plaque officially opening the resource centre on Wednesday 13th May.

The first 2 resource centres are based at Mont Fleuri, the first was opened last September at the Seychelles Institute of Teachers Education and the second was opened in March at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education.





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