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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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The Ministry of Tourism has partnered with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance to implement what is being called an aggressive tourism marketing strategy.

The strategy is meant to market Seychelles better as a tourist destination and also help Air Seychelles gain more visibility especially in European and Asian markets.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange says this new tripartite arrangement is a result of a monthly multi-sectorial meetings chaired by Vice President Danny Faure. He said a first report has already been submitted to the government and has been approved.

As a first step, a delegation went to Paris to meet with tour operators who sell Seychelles in France. As part of the strategy, a similar delegation will visit South Africa to re-evaluate the how to increase occupancy for the 3 flights per week from there to Seychelles.

Minister St. Ange added that with a delegation from the private sector, they will also travel to China and India to get tour operators on board to support the strategy.  “Today we are looking at it as a country and not just the tourism board fighting to sell Seychelles by itself and a ministry pushing the policies behind it. Today it is Seychelles as a whole looking at its tourism industry.”


The National Assembly has unanimously supported a motion calling on the government to review the procedures under which legal aid is offered.

Legal aid is provided for in the constitution under the right for a fair trial. A lawyer is appointed and paid for from the state coffers to represent any person who cannot afford to do so.

The motion was presented by the Member of the National Assembly for Les Mamelles, Emanuel Fideria. In his presentation, he said the motion intends to eliminate abuse in the legal aid system by having more transparent criteria. He suggested the setting up of a board to process applications for legal aid.

Mr. Fideria presented statistics showing that 170 of 746 applications were rejected in 2010 while assistance was approved in 186 criminal cases and 390 civil cases. Last year of 753 applications, 105 were refused while legal aid was awarded in 330 criminal cases and 367 civil cases. 1 435 000 Rupees were spent on legal aid last year.

In their interventions, members of the National Assembly suggested that legal aid be a form of loan and that where a large financial compensation is awarded, the court secures the court fees. They also agreed that legal aid should not be so forthcoming for repeat offenders.


As of next year all Seychellois will get the chance to follow courses at master’s level in the United Kingdom.

This follows an announcement by the British High Commissioner that the Chevening scholarship will increase to 4 from 2 as was previously the case. The British high Commissioner, Mrs. Lindsay Skoll made the announcement at the launching of the Alumni Association for past Chevening students.

Mrs. Skoll said the increase is in direct recognition of what the past graduates have achieved. “It is a fact that the calibre of applicants represented here has made such a difference that the United Kingdom has realised the contribution that Seychellois can make and will be offering at least 4 scholarships this year and hereafter in the future.”

The British High Commissioner said Seychellois are often very shy to come forward so she called on the alums to help identify the talents to apply for the Chevening Scholarship by the 16th of November.

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