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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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The National Assembly has reconvened in an unscheduled session on Wednesday 26th October to continue with the vetting process of the new nominations to the cabinet.

In its sitting on Tuesday 25th October, members interviewed the Vice President nominee, Vincent Meriton; proposed Designated Minister, MacSuzy Mondon and former Speaker of National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie who President Danny Faure has nominated as a Minister.

Members questioned Minister Vincent Meriton for about 3 hours on his 38 years in public service particularly at the head of several ministries namely Health, Social Affairs, Local Affairs, Community Development and Sports.

Minister Meriton dismissed allegations from opposition MNAs that district administrations staff were biased activists of the ruling party and that there was no attempt to recover over      USD $6million meant to purchase pharmaceuticals amongst other issues.

The Vice Presidential nominee also refuted claims that he had intervened on behalf of his daughter to enable her to acquire 2 plots of government land at Sorrento, Glacis last year. He explained that the land was purchased with the conditions that his daughter would bear the cost for infrastructure such as access roads, electricity and water.

The interview of the proposed Designated Minister MacSuzy Mondon by the National Assembly, which was functioning as the Assembly Business Committee followed. She is the first woman to be proposed for the post of designated Minister in Seychelles.

Minister Mondon presented herself as a hardworking person with a long career in teaching and education and was questioned on several issues especially pertaining to the Ministry of Education.

Minister Mondon said should the National Assembly approve her nomination as designated minister one of her first task would be to improve the standard of education. She revealed plans to facilitate work opportunities for Seychellois if approved as Designated Minister. Minister Mondon expressed confidence that she would work well within the new cabinet.

Members of the National Assembly will vote on the nominations after the other nominated Ministers namely  Marie-Louise Potter, Dick Esparon, Peter Larose and nominated Ambassador Andre Pool appear before the National Assembly


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President Danny Faure said he is willing to work with the civil society for the betterment of the country.

The declaration followed a meeting between with the Board members of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry at State House on Tuesday 25th October.

The Chairman of the SCCI, Wilson Nancy revealed plans to improve the country's business environment. “We would encourage more of our members to participate with us in bringing their issues that they have in the business community to us so that we can push it forward so eventually Seychelles becomes the place to do business.”

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry stressed on the importance for all sectors involved in commerce to move as one chamber instead of having different lobby groups.



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