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Friday, August 22, 2014

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Seychelles is expected to have one of the most modern beach soccer stadiums in Africa with a capacity to hold 2000 to 3000 spectators.

Construction work on the first such arena in the country will begin next week. On Thursday 21st August, the Patron of Seychelles football, President James Michel and the Chairman of the Seychelles Football Federation, Mr. Elvis Chetty laid the foundation stone for the arena at Roche Caiman near the Astro Turf pitches.

The Chairman of the Seychelles Football Federation says the event is a sign of their commitment to further develop football as a sport. “Today we take a resolute step in cementing the new direction of the Seychelles football federation. We started this a year a go when we decided to begin investment into beach soccer.”

The project is estimated to cost around 15 to 20 million rupees and is being mostly financed by FIFA, CAF and the Government of Seychelles. The stadium should be ready by April next year as Seychelles will be hosting the first African Beach Soccer Championship.


The Public Health Authority continues to intensify its efforts to prepare for any reported case of Ebola in the country.

The Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Jude Gedeon says they have equipment such as protective gears and disinfectants in stock to last a period of 3 months in case the ebola virus arrives in Seychelles. Dr. Gedeon added that the country is ready to face any eventuality but the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority are still continuing with efforts to train and establish the facilities to deal with the situation.

Although Seychelles is a part of the African continent, Dr. Gedeon says that the risk of having an outbreak is as low as any country in Europe or Asia. The authorities are monitoring the outbreak in west Africa and in the rest of the world and putting measures, stocking material, training staff and disseminating information to the public and staff accordingly.


President James Michel has on Thursday 21st August chaired the second meeting of the Seychelles Consultative Forum.

The forum considered a number of written submissions from members on initiatives for promoting national unity and eliminating obstacles that may still be hindering this process.

Members received an update on the electoral and constitutional reforms already under consideration by the government. The status of the Public Order Act currently under consideration by the judiciary was also raised. Suggestions were made for the establishment of a Law Reform Commission.

The forum also advised that the national media especially the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation had an important responsibility to promote inclusiveness, national unity and the promotion of local culture and artistic productions. The importance of local agricultural production and the context of national food security were also raised.

Members started discussions on strategies for enhancing educational provisions and outcomes and would dedicate a future meeting to this subject.


The Supreme Court has dismissed an application by the company which owns Intelvision for its court case to be tried in South Africa.

The case was brought before the court by Multichoice Africa against Intelvision, the local cable television network company. Multichoice said it had terminated the contract it had with Intelvision in July 2007 but the company continued to rebroadcast its channels. Multichoice is also seeking payment of $24.5million US Dollars for loss of revenue claiming that Intelvision continued to rebroadcast its channels without the proper rights.

Intelvision’s law team had asked for the dispute to be heard in South Africa to which Judge Fiona Robinson proved that the Seychelles court has the jurisdiction to try the case. Giving his reaction to the ruling, Intelvision’s lawyer, Kieran Shah said that their case was based on the terms of the agreement that Multichoice had with Intelvision which stated that any dispute had to be resolved in South Africa under South African law. “Multi choice having decided to file the case in Seychelles, this was one of the points we raised and the learned judge held that not withstanding this clause the case can be heard in Seychelles. So this is the effect of the ruling.”

Intelvision now has 30 days if they want to file an appeal against this ruling.

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Glee - Sunday
A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own.





Hawaii Five-O - mardi

Le détective Steve Mc Garrett se rend à Oahu pour enquêter sur l’assassinat de son père. Une fois sur place, le gouverneur Jameson le persuade de rester et de former une unité spéciale de police, Five – O, pour combattre le crime à Hawaii. If fait équipe avec le detective Danny Williams, venu du continent, ainsi que, Kono et Chin, deux policiers natifs de l’île.


Gossip Girl - samedi

La vie de la jeunesse dorée des élèves de deux écoles privées new-yorkaises, vue à travers les yeux ironiques d’une mystérieuse "bloggeuse", Gossip Girl. Entre amour et amitié, chacun tente de tirer son épingle du jeu, mais rien n’est jamais simple derrière des apparences paradisiaques… Gossip girl décrit le quotidien d’un groupe d’adolecents vivant dans l’Upper East Side, le quartier chic de Manhattan.




The Government of Seychelles has welcomed news of the arrest of one of the most notorious pirate chiefs, Mohammed Garfanje.

Mohammed Garfanje is responsible for multiple ship hijackings, hostage taking and ransom demands.

In a press release from State House, the government has commended the efforts of the Somali government after having apprehended the criminal in Mogadishu, late Sunday evening. This is being described by the government as a positive step towards securing the security of the shared oceanic space of the western Indian Ocean. The Press Release further read that the arrest of Garfanje is testament to the concerted efforts of the international community to disrupt Somali pirates and end the scourge which has been plaguing the Indian Ocean since 2005.

Seychelles had issued an international warrant that Interpol used as the basis for an Interpol red alert notice on the pirate kingpin. Seychelles government had been actively engaged in efforts to bring the suspected pirate to justice as he was allegedly responsible for the kidnapping and holding of 2 Seychellois fishermen hostage.

The Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Joel Morgan has also expressed his satisfaction following this arrest.


Following the death of former Australian High Commissioner to Seychelles, Sandra Vegting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a Book Of Condolence.

The book will be open until 4pm today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in honour of her contributions to consolidating the ties between Seychelles and Australia.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam has also conveyed his deepest condolences in a message to the Government of Australia and to the colleagues of Ms. Vegting at the High Commission. Minister Adam said that Australia has lost an incredible diplomat whose courage and dedication to the Foreign Service was well respected and appreciated by the diplomatic community.





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