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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Plans to reinforce bilateral and political relationship between France and Seychelles were among the topics discussed by President James Michel and the new Ambassador of France to Seychelles, Lionel Majesté-Larrouy.

Ambassador Majesté-Larrouy presented his credentials to President Michel at State House on Tuesday 24th March.

Speaking to the press following the accreditation ceremony, Ambassador Majesté-Larrouy said during discussions, President Michel described the relationship established by the former French Ambassador, Mrs Genevieve Iancu. They also talked about reinforcing the teaching of French language in schools and the connection of air links between France and Seychelles.

After visiting President James Michel, the new French Ambassador paid a visit to Vice President, Danny Faure.


The outgoing High Commissioner of Tanzania to the Seychelles, Dr. Batilda Burian, says her mandate has been fulfilling in reinforcing ties between Seychelles and Tanzania.

High Commissioner Burian paid a farewell visit to President James Michel on Tuesday 24th March at State House. She added that although she was based in Nairobi during her tenure, Seychelles and Tanzania managed to establish aviation links. “We have been able to move in terms of our bilateral cooperations. Our ministries in charge of aviation were able to send a Memorandum of Understanding which has enabled Air Seychelles to start its scheduled flights Mahe-Dar Es Salaam twice a week,” said High Commissioner Burian.

Seychelles and Tanzania are expected to sign bilateral agreements to allow the exchange of prisoners. High Commissioner Burian added that the Seychelles Investment Bureau is going to cooperate with the Tanzanian Investment Centre to find possible areas of investment between the 2 countries. High Commissioner Burian further congratulated President Michel for the debt swap initiative with the Paris Club whereby the money will be used for maritime conservation and climate change issues.

Dr. Burian will soon assume duties as the new Ambassador of Tanzania to Tokyo.


“Seychelles is expected to bring a heap of contribution as an African country, during World Trade Organisation’s negotiations especially during the Ministerial conference to be held in Nairobi in December.”

The Chairperson of the working group party of the World Trade Organisation, Ms. Hilda Al Hinai made the statement following discussions with President Michel at State House on Tuesday 24th March. Ms. Hinai said she congratulated President Michel on what she described ‘a historical accomplishment.’

Seychelles’ bid to join the World Trade Organisation was agreed in October 2014, ending 18 years of negotiations. The 160 members making up the General Council approved the accession in December.

President James Michel also welcomed a delegation from the International Monetary Fund headed by the Chief of Mission in Seychelles, Marshall Mills at State House on the same day.   



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The SBC produces a number of local programmes with a special focus on the Seychellois culture and way of life. Our Programming is based on a series and season basis. Most series run for thirteen weeks.

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Glee - Sunday
A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own.





The Wild - mardi

Un extraordinaire soap opéra Sud Africain alliant glamour, intrigues et passions dans l’extraordinaire beauté sauvage du Krufer park. Il a pour principal décor une vaste réserve abritant un luxueux hotel ; Le Dinaledi Lodge. C’est l'histoire de trois familles que tout oppose à priori : les Lebones, les Van Reenens et les Tladis. Ces différentes familles ont pourtant en commun un morceau de terre. En raison de nombreux conflits antérieurs, les familles ont du mal à instaurer cohésion et confiances entre elles, mais elles restent liées par: le « DINALEDI LODGE ».


Le Triomphe de l'Amour - jeudi et dimanche

Victoria est l’incarnation même de la réussite: créatrice de mode reconnue, mariée à un acteur célèbre, elle est admirée de tous. Mais elle cache en elle et à toute sa famille un lourd secret et une profonde blessure. Victoria est l'une des créatrices de mode les plus reconnues du Mexique. Elle vit dans un luxueux manoir avec son mari Osvaldo, un acteur célèbre. Ils ont deux enfants, Fernanda et Maximiliano (fils d’Osvaldo et de sa première épouse).




The National Drugs Enforcement Agency says it is intensifying its efforts to bring to justice the individuals involved in the importation of what is being considered the largest consignment of heroin into Seychelles.

The NDEA's Chief Officer, Niall Scully says along with other agencies, they have started looking into the assets, belonging to the suspects in the case. “The work is being done to identify the assets that belong to the individuals, it is another decision for somebody else to make whether an injunction is put on those assets. We have a long way to go but we are committed to identify and bringing behind the courts that the individuals responsible for the importation of this large consignment and we are confident we will succeed in that goal.”

Mr. Scully also gave reassurance the 32kg of heroin will remain intact until is presented before the court during the prosecution of the suspects. “We have a very robust and secure system to track and to secure all exhibits. Our procedures I am very confident with, they are not the sole responsibility of an individual but that of a number of individuals so I am confident that all exhibits will be secured.”

On Saturday, The NDEA seized around 32 kilograms of what they suspect is heroin on Saturday 21st March which entered by air cargo. Since then at least three people have been arrested in connection with the offence of importing and trafficking in drugs.





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