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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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The tenants of the first prefabricated houses on Ile Perseverance are expected to move into their new homes soon.

There are 147 prefabricated units, of altogether 203 houses being allocated to a group of people from the different districts across the country. The prefabricated units are part of a project undertaken by the Ministry of Land Use and Housing together with the government of Abu Dhabi to reduce construction costs.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Land Use and Housing, Mr. Yves Choppy say they have completed half of the projects listed on the master plan for the whole of Ile Perseverance. The entire project will be completed in the next 3 years.

Principal Secretary Choppy added that in the meantime the Ministry will continue to implement other projects in the different other districts. The redevelopment of Corgat Estate and Les Mamelles housing are among projects for redevelopment and Ile Aurore has been identified as a site to cater to future housing needs.

The soon-to-be residents visited their units on Monday 1st September. They will be the fourth group of people allocated with houses on Ile Perseverance since the project started in 2011.


A new Chief Justice for Seychelles will soon be appointed following the confirmation that former Chief Justice Frederick Egonda-Ntende has returned to his native Uganda.

The 5-year contract of Chief Justice Frederick Egonda-Ntende expired on the 20th of August. He chose not to renew his contract in Seychelles following his appointment as Justice of the Court of Appeal in Uganda.

The appointment of a new Chief Justice for the courts of Seychelles has been delayed because of another vacancy in the Constitutional Appointment Authority. The acting Chief Justice, Judge Durai Karunakaran says that once a Chairman is appointed to the Constitutional Appointment Authority, the authority will be able to nominate a candidate for the post of Chief Justice.


‘The health of our nation’ is the theme of a conference that took place on Monday 1st September at the International Conference Centre to encourage the youth to be more health conscious.

The conference was part of a series of activities organised for the Youth Festival which kicked off on Friday 29th August.  During the conference, emphasis was placed on the slogan chosen being promoted by the Ministry of Health which is ‘My Health, My Responsibility’.

The Coordinator of the conference, Dr. Naomi Adeline said that the conference will also help the Ministry of Health to understand why people they tend to neglect their health as they become older. “We are using this conference to get the youth’s perspectives on the health of our nation on how we can improve our own health.”

The conference brought together young people from the ages of 15 to 35 to address the main health issues faced by the youths in Seychelles which includes lack of exercise, obesity and eating healthily.

The Ministry of Health reminded members of the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and go for regular check ups.

:: Learning Zone A focus on  primary and secondary level
education by  local teachers



The SBC produces a number of local programmes with a special focus on the Seychellois culture and way of life. Our Programming is based on a series and season basis. Most series run for thirteen weeks.

Life experiences For the music lovers

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Youth talk

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Glee - Sunday
A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own.





Hawaii Five-O - mardi

Le détective Steve Mc Garrett se rend à Oahu pour enquêter sur l’assassinat de son père. Une fois sur place, le gouverneur Jameson le persuade de rester et de former une unité spéciale de police, Five – O, pour combattre le crime à Hawaii. If fait équipe avec le detective Danny Williams, venu du continent, ainsi que, Kono et Chin, deux policiers natifs de l’île.


Gossip Girl - samedi

La vie de la jeunesse dorée des élèves de deux écoles privées new-yorkaises, vue à travers les yeux ironiques d’une mystérieuse "bloggeuse", Gossip Girl. Entre amour et amitié, chacun tente de tirer son épingle du jeu, mais rien n’est jamais simple derrière des apparences paradisiaques… Gossip girl décrit le quotidien d’un groupe d’adolecents vivant dans l’Upper East Side, le quartier chic de Manhattan.




Teachers, child minders, day care operators and other people involved in early childhood learning working to develop a framework and an early childhood curriculum.

They are undertaking this project during a 5-day workshop organised by the Ministry of Education and being conducted by 2 specialists from South Africa. The framework will cater to students from 0 to 3 years of age and the curriculum for 3 to 7 years old.

The Curriculum Development Officer at the Ministry Of Education, Mrs. Elva Gedeon says the workshop will enable the Ministry of Education to put in place frameworks that will act as guidelines for child minders and day care operators.

“From the input of our local participants, we expect to have a framework or two frameworks which will guide everybody concerned with implementing care and education provision for children. It will be a source document for us to develop programs; to develop resources and to train teachers,” said Mrs. Gedeon.





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