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areer Opportunities

We have openings in the following areas
Radio Producers, Technical Operators, Scheduling & Transmission officer, Graphic Artist
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Role of the Human Resources & Administration Division


We recognize that the SBC’s future success is dependent on recruiting, developing and retaining potential people. 
Caring for, listening and responding to employee’s remains a centerpiece of Human Resources & Administration work.

Mission Statement of the Human Resources & Administration Division

 “Our staffs are our greatest strength in succeeding in our wider mission to promote good practice in the management and development of people”.

         To focus on communication, employee relations and personal development.
       To achieve a professional, proactive, flexible, versatile and engaged workforce in order to sustain competitive advantage.


Statement of Value 

We value our staff as enthusiastic, dedicated who work collaboratively as a team, trust and respect each other, demonstrating personal integrity, and are committed to maintain the highest level of broadcasting service to our clients.


Main Objectives of the Human Resources & Administration Division 

  • Ensuring that all employees are happy to be a part of the Corporation and for which other people would want to work.

  • Strengthening employer-employee relationships, offering attractive salary packages and investing in employees’ personal development.

  • Attracting qualified applicants, motivating the existing workforce and inspiring long term commitment.

  • Creating a working environment where employees are enthusiastic about their jobs all the time.


This is an opportunity to join a growing organization, to make your mark and to capitalize on the career opportunities that will follow. 






Positions Available




We are offering competitive salaries commensurate with experience and qualifications.


To apply:

Please forward this completed Application form and any supporting documents to the attention of the
Human Resources & Administration Manager

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation
P.O Box 321, Hermitage

Victoria, Mahe



Our staffs are our greatest strength






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