Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is DTT?
- DTT stands for Digital Terrestrial Television. Since the introduction of television in Seychelles, 35 years ago, SBC has been transmitting its Television signal in analogue. Moving to DTT will essentially mean that we will change from analogue transmission to digital transmission.

2. How will this digital broadcast work?
- In order to be able to receive the transmitted signal, you will need to have an SBC Set-Top-Box (STB) and a UHF antenna. However, if you are already using an antenna for your SBC reception, it is advisable that, once you have acquired your set-top-box, you assess your reception with your current antenna. Depending on where you are living, your existing antenna might be sufficient.
It is important that your antenna is pointed towards one of our Transmitting sites to guarantee a reception.

3. How much will a Set-Top-Box costs?
- During the first phase, the SBC has committed to provide each household with a valid and recent electricity bill, with one free set-top-box. Households with no electricity bills or households wanting more than one set-top-box will be able to purchase extra STBs at a later stage. We will keep the public informed accordingly.

4. Will the SBC provide me with an antenna?
- No, the SBC expects that retailers will take this opportunity to ensure that there is an adequate supply of suitable UHF antennas on the market. But, before committing to buy an antenna, please assess your reception with your current antenna.

5. What will change for me as a viewer?
- You will see better picture quality. You will also be able to have more TV channels and listen to Radyo Sesel and Paradise FM on your TV set.
Please see the list of SBC’s free-to-view channels below:

6. How many SBC channels will there be?
- During the soft roll-out in December and early next year, we will have only the existing SBC channel. When the official DTT switchover happens early next year, we will have two SBC channels, SBC 1 & SBC 2 in High Definition (HD).

7. What are the bouquet options and their costs?
- All the channels offered at Official Switchover will be on a free-to-view basis. However, the SBC is endeavoring to provide paid subscription channels as soon as possible after official switchover. We will provide more details of the paid-subscription channels in due course. It is important to note that the free-to-view channels listed above will remain free-to-view continually for the foreseeable future. The paid-subscription channels will not affect these, but are intended to complement the services that SBC is offering. The subscription service is intended to recoup the cost of the free STBs or to subsidise these STBs going forward.

8. Will I have to buy a flat-screen TV?
- It will be advisable, but not essential, to enjoy the best quality of the new service.

9. Where can I get my Set-top-box?
- At the initial STB rollout we will be issuing STBs from the following locations:

* Victoria: At SBC’s office in Kanna Mall (1st Floor)

* Anse Boileau, Anse Aux Pins, Beau Vallon District Administration Offices
* Praslin: At SBC’s office in the Pension Fund Complex at Grand Anse
* La Digue: District Administration Office

For Praslin and La Digue we will be on the island on specific days for the distribution. The dates and times will be announced in the media. These distribution centres will be open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. On Saturdays we will be open from 0900 to 1200 noon. SBC envisages to be in the districts for a period of about 2 weeks, after which it will revert to its main offices on Mahé and Praslin for distribution of its STBs.

10. What will I need to bring in order to get my set-top-box?
- You will need your most recent electricity bill to be able to receive a Set-Top-Box. In addition you will need some form of identification to prove who you are e.g. passport or ID card
If you are obtaining a set-top-box for somebody else e.g. an elderly parent, please come with their ID card and their most recent electricity bill. You must also bring your own ID as well
It is important to note that once a PUC customer number has been registered in our system and a set-top-box given, another person will not be able to claim a free set-top-box with this same electricity bill.

11. What if I do not have an electricity bill?
- If you do not have an electricity bill, we will not be able to give you a free set-top-box. However, you will be able to purchase one after we have completed the distribution of the free boxes.
We will provide details as to when we will start selling the boxes in due course.

12. My electricity bill is not in my name. Will that be a problem?
- If the electricity bill is not in your name, you will still need to bring the most recent electricity bill. You will also need to bring the ID of the person, whose name is on the bill. If the person has passed away, please bring along a copy of the death certificate. Alternatively, we advise that you endeavor to change the Electricity bill owner’s name with PUC. If you are renting a house and the electricity bill is not in your name, you should refer to your landlord in the first instance. SBC is advising landlords to provide a list of customers associated with that bill, along with a copy of their ID cards. SBC will also need the ID (N.I.N.) of the landlord.

13. Is there a guarantee period on the set-top-box?
- Yes, there is a one year warranty period.

14. What should I do if my set-top-box is damaged while under guarantee?
- The warranty only covers manufacturing defects. NOT breakages and damage. If you are having manufacturing defects issues, please pay us a visit at any of our sales offices during our working hours and bring your set-top-box for a replacement. For any other damages, you will have to purchase your own replacement.

15. What if I have issues that I need advice?
- Please call our sales team on 4289678. This number will be active from 8am to 8pm, weekdays. Or email us at: You can also inbox us on our Facebook page or post a query on our Facebook timeline.

16. Will I receive the signal on Praslin or La Digue?
- DTT transmissions will cover Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The signal will also cover the inner islands. The signal should reach you if you were already receiving the Analogue service.

17. How long do I have before I will need to acquire a Set-top-box?
- You will need to have an STB after Analogue Switch-off. (Except if you wish to continue receiving SBC via the IPTV providers (Intelvision & Cable TV) SBC will allow a period of dual illumination of both the Analogue and the Digital Transmissions after the Official Switchover date. We expect dual illumination to be around 3 months, after which the Analogue TV service will be switched off permanently. SBC will not switch off the Analogue service until all STBs requirements have been met and SBC is satisfied with the DTT transmission service.

18. How long will SBC be making Set-top-boxes available in the country?
- As DTT requires an STB for viewers to receive SBC, SBC will have to be issuing STBs to customers as part of its on-going service. In other words, STBs go hand-in-hand with the DTT service, and SBC will have to ensure that there are adequate STBs for its current and new customers for the foreseeable future.

19. Can I buy my Set-top-box overseas?
- No, you will need to purchase an SBC-approved and distributed Set-Top-Box

20. Can I receive the signal directly on my new LED flat screen TV?
- NO, you will need to have an SBC-issued Set-top-box or a Conditional Access Module (CAM) to be able to receive SBC. SBC is endeavoring to have CAMs available for TVs with Common Interface (CI) slots. However these TVs must support the DVB-T2 standards. Please email us at if your TV has CI slots and supports these standards. Please note that you will still need an aerial with a CAM module. The CAM replaces the STB.

21. What if I do not want to use an antenna?
- SBC will continue to broadcast on the IPTV providers (Intelvision & Cable TV) during the rollout period and after Digital Switchover. However, viewers will only be able to view SBC1 and SBC2, and NOT the other free-to-view Channels listed above. SBC is endeavouring to ensure that, alongside the current DTT offering (Set-Top Box (STB) + UHF antenna) it is able to provide an Over-The-Top (OTT), as well as a Mobile TV offering. OTT will, evidently, NOT require a UHF antenna, but will still require an STB (with an Ethernet Port)

See diagram below:

It is important to note however that, as it currently stands, users of OTT or Mobile TV will most likely incur internet usage cost-charges from their internet service providers.

22.When will the SBC officially switchover to DTT?
-The official switchover to DTT is set for the 28 June 2018. When the official DTT switchover happens, we will have two SBC channels, SBC 1 & SBC 2 and 8 other channels mostly news and entertainment on a free-to-view basis.

23. Will the interruptions in broadcast continue?
-During the testing period leading up to the official switchover on the 28th June, the intermittent blacks will continue. The testing period is very important and will allow us to rectify all issues in time for a smooth switchover. We apologise for these interruptions and count on the public’s understanding.

24. When will the Set Top Box (STB) distribution resume?
-Distribution of Set Top Boxes will resume in mid-May when the SBC will receive a second batch of 15,000 STBs. At the beginning of May, we will provide further details as to when and where the distribution will be done.

25. Will the Set Top Boxes still be free?
-If you have not collected your free STB, you will still be able to do so in May by bringing your ID card and your most recent electricity bill.
The SBC has also earmarked a limited stock of STB for sale to households with no electricity bills and households in need of more than one STB. The selling price of the STB will be announced later.

26. I have installed my Set Top Box but have been unable to receive any signals so far. What should I do?
-We are aware that some households switched on their STB while there was no signal in their region and that some households have never connected their STB yet.Once all our transmitters are operational, we will inform the public accordingly so that they can switch on their STB and capture the registration code. This is a one-off process.

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