8 ways people in Seychelles are dealing with stay-at-home orders


8 ways people in Seychelles are dealing with stay-at-home orders

Isolation. Home quarantine. Social and physical distancing. These were all words with little relevance for most of us before COVID-19, but after the virus arrived in Seychelles, these words became part of our daily vocabulary.
Since March 14, when the first case was confirmed in Seychelles – 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – strict measures have been taken for containment and prevention of community transmissions.
Restrictions on movement and the closure of schools and non-essential services meant that people needed to stay at home. But how are people coping with home confinement and the extra time to spare?
SNA brings you eight things many people are doing at home to cope with COVID-19.
Do It Yourself
A whole day at home seems to give you plenty of time on your hands to do all those things you didn’t have time to do before. A normal day would have been time spent at the office, at school, doing the shopping, being stuck in traffic and socializing.
But now with time, you find time to do it yourself from sewing to fixing that old creaky chair to making your very own flower pots.  

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Being stuck at home means that you are not walking to work, not rushing to take the bus and not climbing the steps to your second-floor office. And with all gyms and sporting facilities closed, keeping fit seems to be a challenge.
But one needs to exercise and what better way to keep fit than doing exercises in the comfort of your own home.  

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Arts and craft
Many people are taking this time to rediscover the hidden talents that have been shoved aside and replaced with more official duties. With plenty of time from sunrise to sunset, some people are using the time to get reacquainted with their creative self, from sewing those new curtains you always wanted, to recycling these old tyres into flower pots to painting on glass.  

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A look through social media will show that a lot of people are spending more and more time in the kitchen. From mouthwatering dishes fit for a MasterChef to baking of bread and cakes to more traditional ones – all are being prepared. It looks that everyone now has more time to explore their culinary skills.
These dishes including the recipes are now being shared on social media platforms including two popular ones on Facebook: Ki Menu Tanto and Cook and share.  

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Yes….mucic, ever wonder how life would be without music? A lot of people are using this time to listen to more music and even discover and appreciate new genres. People who are talented can also take to their instrument for solo jamming sessions.
But others are going live, even whole families have taken to music and songs to send positivity and cheers to the community.  

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Home improvement
For homeowners, there are always things to do around the home. Whilst people are house proud and want to keep everything in order, being away from home at work means that little time is left for improvement unless the work is contracted out.
Involving a contractor means money out of your pockets, therefore if you can, do it yourself and keep that money in your piggy bank!  

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Home gardening
It has been a while since you paid heed to the national call to have your own home garden. Planting one now will ensure that you have vegetables and fruits at your fingertips. But it will also mean that that you are contributing to the food and nutrition security of your family but also joining in national efforts.  

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Working from home
You never knew you had a work-from-home office before. Now many people do! Not only is this ensuring that the country continues to function but also as a mean of ensuring that there is some sort of normality in everyday life.
Some have also taken to social media to mentor others, especially entrepreneurs. 

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Source: Seychelles News Agency