Art teacher providing drawing, painting classes to children, adults in Seychelles

Children and adults can express themselves freely and discover or better understand their own creative processes through recreational drawing and painting classes being offered by a former art teacher.
The creative workshops for children and adults of all ages are being offered by ‘ZuriSeychelles’ — a company of Julie Johnston, a returning resident of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.  
“I try to target the arts as a recreational activity for adults and children, to encourage this as a place they can feel good and where all ages can freely express themselves,” said Johnston.
For the month of July and possibly extended to August, Johnston is holding drawing and painting classes, allowing attendees to explore and use different visual arts medium, as well as gain exposure to artists and art history.
Children over 12 and adults can attend drawing classes at the Eden Art Space located at Eden Plaza, Eden Island, at a fee of SCR1000 for four classes. The price per day covers a 90 minutes lesson and is inclusive of all art materials required.
Adults can follow painting classes at The Station at Sans Souci on July 26.
People who are interested in participating can contact Johnston on 2514383 or email on julesartie.jj@gmail.com.
Johnson is also organising an art camp August 3-7 and since people are showing great interest, the camp will be extended for a second week, August 10-14. The art camp comes at a cost of SCR220 ($12.40) per day, inclusive of all art materials.
“The camp will take place under the theme ‘Imagination – It’s going to be fantasy full’. For the art camps, I target mostly children over 8 years of age. It’s a week where children can freely express themselves, discover and understand their own creative process,” Johnston told SNA on Monday.
She added that “they gain skill-based learning and a deeper understanding of their own creative process. Creativity helps with problem solving, boosts self- confidence and not to forget an opportunity to let go and have fun.”
Johnston, who was born in Seychelles, has been an art teacher for nearly 22 years. She studied art and design in England, majoring in printmaking, her favourite form of art. 
Today, through ‘ZuriSeychelles’ she makes unique handcrafted sarongs, kaftans, shirts, among other attires, in shibori dyed fabrics.
“My future plan or dream would be to open up an art centre for adults and children, a recreational centre where outreach programs can be integrated, where there’s a collaboration with schools and with various art organizations like arterial Seychelles,” said Johnston.
Talking about the art scene of Seychelles, Johnston said that the country’s art sector “is greatly supported by various organizations and various schools encourage an art curriculum. My experience personally has been with Arterial Network Seychelles, Lucy from Children’s House and Kenwyn House Gallery.”
Source: Seychelles News Agency