Cocaine trafficking: Nigerian man caught in Seychelles with nearly 2kg of capsules ingested

A Nigerian national has been charged by the Seychelles Supreme Court for the importation of a controlled drug, the police said on Tuesday.
According to the police, the 37-year-old was arrested after his arrival at the Seychelles International Airport on board an Ethiopian airline flight and a scan of his body showed objects he had swallowed.
The police said that after being questioned, the Nigerian was taken to the Seychelles Hospital but managed to escape at one point and was then caught going in the direction of the Botanical Gardens.
The objects found in his body were 93 capsules of cocaine, a total amount of 1.892 kg.
The Nigerian is the second foreigner to be charged for the importation of a controlled drug this month.
Last week, a 26-year-old Brazilian national was charged for the importation of 5kg of cocaine hidden in his luggage, the highest amount of the drug seized at the Seychelles International Airport.
Under the Seychelles’ Misuse of Drugs Act 2016, the maximum penalty for importing a controlled Class A drug is a term of life imprisonment and a fine of up to SCR 1 million ($74,500).

Source: Seychelles News Agency