Creole novel ‘Justin’ is launched as Seychellois environmentalist turns author


Creole novel ‘Justin’ is launched as Seychellois environmentalist turns author

A new documentary-styled book in Creole entitled “Justin” from well-known Seychellois environmentalist Selby Remy was launched earlier this week at the National Museum of History in Victoria.
“Justin” is the story of a man called Justin Zialor told from the perspective of Remy since he wanted to write about the facts as told to him from various sources with connection to Justin.
In his presentation, Remy said that “Justin is purely fiction and is based on a banker who was rich but ended up on the streets.”
The story is based on superstition and Remy said he chose that theme “because superstition is a reality in our society and has an actual real-life resonance within the lives of Seychellois.”
He said that this book will interest the public because he has incorporated humour and mystery with the aim to entertain all age groups.
Remy said he wrote about the character Justin from information he had garnered after speaking to several people and in his summary, describes himself as having become “obsessed’ with Justin.

Remy signing a copy of said ‘Justin’ which he said is pure fiction. (Rassin Vannier, Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY

He explained that he wrote the story in documentary style and that it does not only relate to superstition and human behaviour but that it “mixes with drugs and crimes which blurs the line between reality and the supernatural.”
According to the author, Remy got so involved in the book that he “becomes part of the story despite his good intention…”
Present at the book launch was his mother Lucy Remy, who was overwhelmed by emotions, and said she was very proud that her son has been able to realise one of his dreams. 
Mandy Bertin, who has had the opportunity to read the book, described it as very interesting.
“It is truly a good depiction of us, our beliefs and our society’s issues. It is quite witty which makes you keep on reading. I would definitely recommend it,” she said.
“Justin” will be on sale at the Antigone bookshop as well as at the National Museum of History and can also be bought directly from the author.
Remy shared that his second work of fiction may be launched within the next couple of months as he is already working on it.

Source: Seychelles News Agency