Drugs: Seychelles Police undertakes BOPHA operation

The Seychelles Police Force conducted a drug search operation under the name of BOPHA on Wednesday in some key areas on Mahe island that are considered drug hotspots.
The raid was done between six in the morning and two in the afternoon, with the participation of around 70 local police officers along with police dogs.
According to the head of visible policing, Superintendent Antoine Denousse, all members of the South African Regional Police Chief Organisation (SARPCCO) with countries from the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCO) have done this type of operation.
“Some were assigned with smuggling operation, others drugs on the borders and Seychelles were given the task to do a drug operation on land”, he said.
The superintendent said that Seychelles scheduled the operation for June 22 but because of the national day parade and the state visit of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, it was postponed for later.
The operation was conducted at Corgate Estate, Plaisance, Eden Village – also known by its residents as Kosovo – and Anse Royale. All these places are located on Mahe island, the main island in the archipelago.
The superintendent described the operation as a success, where some arrests were made in places such as Corgate Estate and Eden Village. Altogether 7 people have been arrested, some had drugs in their possession, while at Plaisance some people were arrested for obstruction of the operation because they alerted others of the police presence in the area.
Denousse said that there is an ongoing investigation in these cases and those who were arrested will be brought before the court.
In addition, he said that the police will continuously hold these types of operations at least once a month depending on the drug situation in the country. When asked if the military was involved, he said that “If we feel that there is a need then we ask for military support but on Wednesday we didn’t need military assistance”.
Following the operation, Seychelles will prepare a detailed report with photographs to be sent to the Interpol bureau in Nairobi to show that the operation has been completed.
In November this year, the Seychelles Police will present its report to other police chiefs in Africa. 

Source: Seychelles News Agency