Seychelles sees first death of a health worker from COVID-19

Seychelles recorded its first fatality among health workers from COVID-19 after the death of Gerry Govinden on Monday. The Ministry of Health sent condolences to family and friends.
Govinden, 42, died from COVID-19 complications in the early hours of Monday, the Ministry’s chief nursing officer, Guylian Mein said.
Mein told SNA that Govinden “was one of our pillars in mental health and it is a great loss for the health community.”
She said that Govinden had vast experience in acute psychiatric care dealing with patients with mental health and addiction.
Mein described Govinden as a very reliable person in his work. “He was a jolly person and anytime you requested his help, he was always ready to help and assist during shortages of staff.”
Seychelles, an island nation in the western Indian Ocean, has recorded 25 deaths from COVID-19 to date.
Last month, Seychelles recorded the deaths of the first two foreign seafarers from COVID-19 — a Malagasy and an Indonesian. The two were from the Belle Isle tuna fishing vessel belonging to Reunion-based Sapmer company, fishing in the island nation waters.
This has pushed the health authorities in Seychelles to work with local shipping agencies to vaccinate foreign seafarers on vessels fishing in the island nation’s waters.

Source: Seychelles News Agency