Seychelles top in Africa on developing human capital, new report finds

Seychelles sits atop the region and the African continent for developing human capital, a new World Bank report found. The 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean ranks 43rd out of 157 countries assessed under The Human Capital Project.

Development of a country’s human capital is measured based on five indicators – the probability of survival to age five, a child’s expected years of schooling, test scores, adult survival rate, and the stunting rate among children. The report released during the World Bank Group meeting held in Bali, Indonesia on October 11.

As per the introduction of the report, “the index measures the human capital of the next generation, defined as the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to achieve in view of the risks of poor health and poor education currently prevailing in the country where that child lives….
Source: Seychelles News Agency