Seychellois poet honoured as part of Creole Festival activities

Poetry lovers in Seychelles gathered at the National Theatre at Mont Fleuri on Saturday evening to pay homage to local poet, singer and songwriter Marie Clarisse.
Called ‘Onnor enn nou menm’ which translates into ‘Honour one of our own’ and organised by the Bling Bling Poetry association, has been on the Creole Festival calendars for the last three years.
This year’s recipient Marie Clarisse is a well-known local poet who won the Antoine Abel prize in 2012 and has released many popular songs.
Poetry was recited to a backdrop of Clarisse’s own paintings. Since Clarisse is no stranger to creating music, one of her poems was transformed into a song for the occasion.
Speaking to SNA, Clarisse expressed her gratitude at being honoured by her literary peers.
The chairperson of Bling Bling Poetry Association, Stephanie Joubert, said the association was happy with the event and that “we want our poets and artists to be praised while they are still alive and we can thank them for their contribution to the art form”.
Despite this year’s activities to mark the 36th anniversary of the Creole Festival being scaled-down as a result the pandemic and the ensuing health restrictions, the Onnor Enn Nou Menm evening was held with a small group of enthusiasts.
Bling Bling Poetry is a group of Seychellois poets who work toward the promotion of poetry and trying to instil a love of the art form in young and old alike.
The association is known for holding the first poetry festival in 2017 and has since worked with the National Arts Council and other artists in the Seychelles archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.

Source: Seychelles News Agency