Survey launched in Seychelles seeks public opinion on commercialisation of sex toys

The Department of Commerce has launched an online survey to get public opinion on a proposal to commercialise sex toys in Seychelles, a top official said on Friday.
Public consultations is being undertaken on the subject following a request from the Cabinet of Ministers in a meeting on February 2.
A participant simply has to access the survey through the link and answer 12 questions on the commercialisation of sex toys in Seychelles. The survey is open until March 31.
Aside from the survey, the senior trade officer at the Department of Commerce, Rennick Charlette, told reporters that discussions and consultations are also being carried out with other sectors such as the Ministry of Health, Seychelles Licensing Authority and the Customs department. 
“By doing this we will be able to develop regulations to ensure that the proposal is implemented most effectively and safely,” said Charlette.
Before 2014, the importation of sex toys and pornographic materials was prohibited in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean. An amendment was made to the regulation to remove sex toys from prohibited items.
“Since then, individuals can import the product into Seychelles but if a businessman wanted to sell these products, they would not get a license and as such, not be able to do this business legally,” said Charlette.
However, the Department observed that individuals were selling these items on social media platforms and that is something it wants to address.
SNA spoke to a two  individuals who had mixed views on the commercialisation of sex toys.  
Given that sexual activities are still very much a private issue in Seychelles, several people who spoke to SNA shared their views but did not want to give their names.   
A 34-year-old man said that the Seychelles’ government “should go for it and commercialise sales. The main problem will come if people are not open-minded. If they are, this might lead to healthier relations and more trust.”
Another outlined that this “might create insecurities in relationships and it will not feel the same as human contact.” 

Source: Seychelles News Agency