Thank you for your feedback on the Audience Survey.

The survey aims to provide the audience with a chance to provide a comprehensive review and feedback on what and how SBC, as National Broadcaster, is doing on their behalf. This feedback is particularly important and timely at this juncture in SBC’s development.

All the questions are pertinent; to rationalise or reduce will devalue the raison d’être of the survey.

We will argue that it would also short-change members of our audience who wishes to provide us with a comprehensive feedback. Those who really want to give us their full feedback will go the distance.

Under that context, we thank all who have completed the Survey fully so far.

It will take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete all 87 questions. Respondents are not obligated to answer all the questions, although it would be much appreciated if they could.

SBC wanted a snapshot of Audience Perception before it switches to DTT on 28th June. Consequently, the timing of this Survey with the World Cup and other National events is unintended. Whilst SBC wanted to issue the Survey earlier, it was not possible for various reasons.

SBC takes this Survey seriously. Otherwise it would not have invested much time and effort in same.

The outcome and feedback received will be reflected in SBC’s Continuous Improvement endeavours.

SBC undertakes to make the pertinent results of this Survey public.