3 Seychellois in Ukraine report feeling safe, official says

Seychellois based in Ukraine said they feel safe at the moment but the Seychelles’ foreign affairs department is liaising with respective consuls in neighbouring countries to assist should the situation deteriorate.
The director general of the Protocol, Consular and Diaspora Affairs, Jacques Belle, told SNA on Monday that there are currently three Seychellois living in Ukraine, none of them are students. 
“We are assessing the situation but most Seychellois have told us that they feel safe at the moment. We are gathering all this information and getting in touch with our consuls in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania – putting them on alert in case Seychellois need to seek refuge,” said Belle.
The Seychelles embassy that oversees Ukraine is in Paris, whereas matters in Russia are taken care of by an Honorary Consul in Moscow.
Flights to Ukraine has been cut off when the country closed its airspace after the Russian attacks started last week. People leaving Ukraine has to seek refuge in neighbouring countries by ground transport.
“We call out to all other Seychellois who are in the two countries to inform us, as the situation might become worse. Being in the know will put us in a better position when we liaise and inform other countries should the situation become worse,” said Belle.
The department said it does not currently have the number of Seychellois in Russia but do know that there is a Seychellois student there. 
“We do not know if Russia will be attacked, but we are at the disposal of all Seychellois in Russia as well. There is our consul in Moscow and should there be a need to protect any Seychellois in Russia, we will ask our consul to provide service to any distressed Seychellois as this is one of their roles,” said Belle.  

Source: Seychelles News Agency