500 metres deep: UK scientists to explore Seychelles’ oceanic depths

Scientists from the United Kingdom are preparing for an expedition to explore Seychelles’ deep waters to study water quality and aquatic species — even the level of micro-plastics — and share the information with the government.

Representatives from Nekton Deep Ocean Exploration are currently in the island nation to discuss specifics of the expedition to be undertaken at depths up to 500 meters.

The scientists are expected to start their expedition in March next year and will spend two months collecting data, including water samples at different levels, species, plants, corals and planktons.

Principal scientist of the Nekton Deep Ocean Exploration, Lucy Woodall, said that the interest of the team is about sharing knowledge through expeditions, adding that Nekton scientists recently completed a similar exploration in Bermuda.

“In Seychelles, it is to see how biology changes across depths and across various locations in comparison to that from the expedition in Bermuda,” explained Woodall.

Source: Seychelles News Agency