Former president of Seychelles, a Blue Economy devotee, appointed to ‘Ocean Ambassadors’ group

A former president of Seychelles, James Michel, was appointed as a founding member of the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Ambassadors on Monday.

Michel’s appointment was announced on the sidelines of the ‘Our Ocean Conference’ in Bali, Indonesia, according to a communiqué from the James Michel Foundation.

The Pew Bertarelli Ocean Ambassadors is a small group of global leaders who will work with the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project to advocate for the creation of large marine protected areas.

Michel said he is encouraged by the recognition of the role he has and continues to play globally towards the protection of our ocean.

“I have devoted much of my life to marshal a new era of sustainability and prosperity for our oceans by championing causes such as the Blue Economy and marine protected areas….
Source: Seychelles News Agency