HIV transmissions in Seychelles seen increasing among syringe-using drug users

The way HIV is transmitted is changing in Seychelles from a sexually transmitted virus to one passed on among drug users, an official at the Ministry of Health said.

“Before, we considered HIV to be transmitted mainly between men and women. For the past five years, we have found that this is no longer the case – HIV is increasing in the drug user groups, those who use syringes,” said Sabrina Mousbe, the HIV/AIDS programme manager at the Ministry of Health.

Mousbe spoke to the media on Friday during Seychelles’ participation in the International AIDS Conference held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from July 23 to 27.

Seychellois delegates told reporters on Friday that the conference outlined that no country is doing enough to reach the ‘zero new HIV infection by 2030’ target….
Source: Seychelles News Agency