India, Seychelles should work on trade, business to solidify relationship, High Commissioner says

India and Seychelles should continue to work on trade and other business opportunities to solidify the relationship between the two countries, the Indian High Commissioner told a business seminar on Tuesday.

“Both India and Seychelles have certain strengths and can complement each other when it comes to trade and commerce and business opportunities to achieve mutual benefit,” High Commissioner Ausaf Sayeed said.

The seminar, held under the theme ‘India and Seychelles Evolving a Sustainable Business Partnership for Growth and Prosperity,’ was to identify how the nations’ business communities can engage with each other to tackle common business-related issues.

“India and Seychelles have been very close and dependable partners since more than four decades, and Seychelles’ trading relations with India go a long way back in history,” said Sayeed.                                              

Source: Seychelles News Agency