“Let us help our brothers and sisters to rise and accomplish their dreams,” says Seychelles’ President on National Day

Seychelles celebrates its National Day today, on 29 June, in remembrance of its Independence Day in 1976, when it gained freedom from British colonial rule.
The highlight of the celebrations, traditionally, is a military parade but this year due to unfavourable rainy weather conditions, the event has been postponed to Sunday July 3.
Meanwhile, President Wavel Ramkalawan has issued a message to call for a spirit of unity so that the people of Seychelles can move forward as a nation.
“It is with great joy that I wish all Seychellois, here and across the world, a Happy National Day today, the day of the anniversary of Seychelles’ Independence. Seychelles is our country and we are proud as Creole islanders to celebrate this day which brings us together as a people,” said Ramkalawan.
He called on everyone to hold each other’s hand and “let us help our brothers and sisters to rise and accomplish their dreams. Let us not hesitate to cross the road and help those weaker than us.”
“Let us be guided by noble principles like respect, peace, tolerance, and above all, love. With this kind of compass each one of us will contribute and ensure that Seychelles reaches its destination, where each one of us will benefit and prosper as a proud Seychellois,” said the president.
Ramkawalan congratulated all Seychellois who are contributing to the fact that Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, continues to gain recognition and respect on the international scene.
“Seychellois brothers and sisters, our National Day, brings us together as a people. Today, it is our pride and unity that is dictating the direction that we will take as a country […] I invite all Seychellois to keep putting our country first and preserve the values that our ancestors have inculcated in us. Continue to respect each other, respect other people’s faith, their descendants, differences and abilities. It is in our diversity that we become a true rainbow nation,” he added.
A message of Happy Independence Day to all Seychellois was also sent by the president of the United Seychelles, the largest opposition party, Patrick Herminie.
“Today is the day we pay respect to our beloved nation. We have contributed so much to build our very own culture and heritage, so let us celebrate wholeheartedly,” he said.
Herminie said that Seychelles has made tremendous progress throughout the 46 years of its independence and it has positioned itself as a true leader in sustainable development among the small island states, and the world.  
“We are proud to be Seychellois and true to the spirit of our national anthem ‘Koste Seselwa’, let us stand for national unity, patriotism, solidarity, fraternity, love and respect for our fellow Seychellois…Let us all celebrate,” he added.

Source: Seychelles News Agency