Need an island-inspired facemask? These 4 shops in Seychelles can help


Need an island-inspired facemask? These 4 shops in Seychelles can help

The Department of Health has advised the public to wear face masks as a preventative measure against COVID-19 in areas where social distancing cannot be practised.
Following this announcement, the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) announced that by July 8 wearing a mask on public buses will be mandatory.
Aside from being able to buy facemasks in pharmacies and some retail shops, the public can also make their own mask or buy reusable ones. This week SNA took a look at four individuals and businesses sewing and selling reusable masks.
Island Shells Creations
With very few readymade facemasks in stock in the shop, the owner of Island Shells Creations, Julianna Antat, advises that it better to make an order for the two-ply cotton reusable mask.
With the buyer being able to choose the colour or pattern of their masks, orders can be made by visiting her shop or calling the owner of directly. Masks are available for both adults and children.
Location: Island Shells Creations, Camion Hall Room 29, Victoria
Contact: 2564421
Price: SCR25

(Salifa Karapetyan, Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY
GOTCHA Covered
For those on La Digue, Seychelles third-most populated island, Bikini Bottom is selling a wide range of island-inspired “high filtration, three-ply, washable, tropical masks.”
Located on Praslin? No worries. For a fee of SCR30, the mask can be sent via Cat Rose. Through the Seychelles Post the service is free. The mask can be bought at the Panacea Healthcare Pharmacy on Mahe.
Orders can be made through Bikini Bottom’s Facebook page.
Location: Bikini Bottom, Anse Severe, La Digue and the Panacea Healthcare Pharmacy at Anse Royale, Mahe
Price: One for SCR199 or three for SCR 500

Bikini Bottom/Facebook Photo License: All Rights Reserved
Myriam’s Exclusive, Union Vale
Stay safe and help the animals. The owner of Myriam’s Exclusive says that for each mask sold, SCR10 will go towards the purchase of dog food for Pet Haven. Orders can be placed by sending a message or call 2791119, or by paying a visit to the workshop until 3 pm on working days.
Location: Myriam’s Exclusive, Union Vale.
Contact: 2791119
Price: SCR35

Myriam’s Exclusive/Facebook Photo License: All Rights Reserved
DA Extra designer face mask
As a designer, Darren Esther is offering clients the option to customise their face masks. A basic mask comes at a cost of Scr40, however, the price goes up depending on the amount of work and material placed into the making of a designer mask.
Through a collaboration, Joakim Barra from T Print, printing on masks will be a possibility soon.
As per the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation, the masks are being sewn using three-ply of fabric – either cotton or linen.
Location: Department of Culture or upon order
Contact: 2712186
Price: starting at SCR40

(DA Extra) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

Source: Seychelles News Agency