New band – Zilwa Tribe – promoting Creole sega music in Australia

A new band, Zilwa Tribe, promoting Creole sega music from the Indian Ocean islands is creating a rave in Melbourne, Australia.

Zilwa — which translates to islander — brings musicians from Seychelles, Mauritius and Rodrigues together.

Seychellois Pat Barallon, a founding member of the band, said the group was formed earlier this year to unite the island nations of the Indian Ocean and their rich Creole culture.

“It is also aimed at bringing all the Indian Ocean island nations together to deliver live Creole sega music to Australia’s diverse multi-cultural communities, with the purpose of filling a big void in Australia for the Creole kids known as the next generation,” said Barallon, who is also the band manager.

According to Barallon, Jonathan De Robillard, from Mauritius, came up with the name Zilwa as it relates to a past experience with the Chagossian people losing their roots and identities.

Source: Seychelles News Agency