New Year’s message: President calls on Seychellois to make an impact in 2019

The President of Seychelles called for the island nation to leave a positive mark in 2019 as he delivered his New Year’s address on national television Tuesday night.​
“A new year marks the start of a new chapter that brings hope. It also means a new engagement, a new engagement to continue to make a positive difference to the lives of those around us. It is a moment to develop new opportunities as an individual, as a family, as a community, and as a nation – but it is essential we remain consistently engaged,” said President Danny Faure.​
Faure noted that 2018 was a challenging year. “However, faced with these challenges, we saw a resilient people. This is our strength – our resilience as a population,” said Faure.​
The President added that the Seychelles – 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – is a small country. “But we live in a global village. Despite the uncertainties and tribulations in the world, we succeeded in continuing to make progress together.”​
Faure said that in 2019, the country needs to focus on making more progress as this is the only way to consolidate and maintain the country’s development.​
“The key lies within each one of us – we become more active, engaged citizens. As students, we become more engaged in our studies. As workers, we become more engaged in our workplaces. As parents, we become more engaged in raising our children. As citizens, more engaged in the development of our country. When we are engaged, we move our country forward – and we ensure that we sustain our progress,” the head of state added.​
Faure continued his message by saying “our Seychelles that is bigger than all of us, is calling us to remain engaged to bring it forward. Together, we can do it.”​
The President ended his message by calling for national unity and continued stability.​
“It is my sincere desire that our country and people continue on this path of national unity, peace and stability. Where we live as one family, where we practice respect and tolerance, where we show compassion and where we are always united,” said Faure, adding that “as a nation, we will continue to promote peace, freedom and the fundamental right of all people to live in dignity.”​
Source: Seychelles News Agency