Orange omelets? Island-style curry? 4 ways Sooty tern eggs are enjoyed in Seychelles


Orange omelets? Island-style curry? 4 ways Sooty tern eggs are enjoyed in Seychelles

A seasonal delicacy in Seychelles — bird eggs — are now being enjoyed widely on the island nation with the last consignment distributed last weekend.
Sooty tern eggs, available from June until August were collected on Bird Island – the northernmost island of Seychelles, and Cosmoledo.This year is the first that the eggs have been collected on Cosmoledo as traditionally this was done on Desnoeuf Island.
This week SNA presents four ways that islanders enjoy the eggs.
A pinch of salt
Straight from the tray, into a pot of water for boiling. The eggs are enjoyed freshly boiled, either soft with a slightly runny yolk or hard-boiled. A pinch of salt makes the difference.

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Red or spring onions?
With its brightly and appealing orange yolks, the eggs are also prepared as omelets. Red and spring onions, parsley, salt, and pepper are the way the omelet is made. For the most adventurous ones, fresh green chilis or grated cheese can bring the omelet to the next level.

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Salad anyone?
Whether it is only with onions, potatoes, or with other vegetables, the eggs are also enjoyed as a salad. The hard-boiled eggs are sliced and with the right vinaigrette and an assortment of vegetables can be enjoyed as a meal on its own.

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Indian or à la Seychellois?
The islanders love their curries, no doubt there. The taste for sure is acquired from the Indians who along with the Africans and Europeans make up the Seychellois nation. A nice curry with coconut milk and fresh cinnamon leaves accompanied by aromatic basmati rice is another way the delicacy is enjoyed.

(Barbara Finesse Morel) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

Source: Seychelles News Agency