Parti Lepep, seeking platform of unity, changes name to United Seychelles

One of Seychelles’ major political parties has changed its name from Parti Lepep to United Seychelles in a congress that took place at the International Conference Centre in Victoria on Saturday.

The secretary for communication, Sebastian Pillay, told reporters that the name reflects the new inclusive political climate that the country is in, thus allowing members to separate themselves from partisan politics and work more for the people and unify them.

Pillay said the name ‘United Seychelles’ is not a sign of weakness but a rebranding exercise that many political parties do at a certain point in their journey.

The party’s new constitution “is a transformative document that seeks a departure from partisan politics that can bring a lot of division. This is one of the reasons why we incorporated a name that brings unity for all Seychellois,” he added.

Source: Seychelles News Agency