Seychelles and UAE sign agreement to boost trade, strengthen border control

Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates have signed an agreement that will boost trade between the two countries and enhance border control of both parties, the Trade Department said on Friday.
The Cooperation and Mutual Assistance agreement in customs matters was signed on Tuesday at the Office of the Federal Customs Authority in Abu Dhabi by Seychelles’ ambassador to the UAE, Jean-Claude Adrienne, and Ahmad Bin Lahej AlFalasi, the Director General of the Federal Customs Authority of the UAE.
“Trade between Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates is continuously increasing; this growth brings with it numerous benefits for the two countries, but we also become more exposed to possible unlawful activities,” said the Department.
The cooperation between Seychelles and the UAE is expected to help address issues regarding under-invoicing, fraudulence, and counterfeit products at a much faster pace. Furthermore, it will help in ensuring accurate assessments and collection of duties and charges on goods traded between the two parties.
The signing of the agreement will also help enhance effective border control in both countries as it will provide for cooperation between the Seychelles and the UAE Customs Administrations.
The Trade Department said that such mutual assistance is widely encouraged by the World Customs Organisation.
“The benefits include improved exchange of information between Customs Administrations and effective actions against the importation and exportation of products that may affect the economic, commercial, fiscal, social, public health and cultural interests of either country,” said the Department.
“Such agreements make provision for enhancing the capacity and competency of national Customs officials with respect to surveillance and enforcement, through technical assistance and capacity building,” it added.

Source: Seychelles News Agency