Seychelles’ capital lights up for (low-key COVID) Christmas


Seychelles’ capital lights up for (low-key COVID) Christmas

The Seychelles’ capital, Victoria, is dressed up and spreading some Christmas cheer with decorations and lights which were switched on during the weekend.
Although a low key event because of the COVID-19 prevention measures in place, a lighting up ceremony and entertainment were done on Saturday by the office of Mayor of Victoria.
Mayor David Andre told SNA that the ceremony “was a symbolic gesture for us to enter in the Christmas season.”
The ceremony included Christmas carols performed by several choirs, namely the Choral and Music Society, the Seychelles National Youth Council, Central Bank, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), La Misere school and the youths from two central districts of Mont Fleuri and English River.
There were also performances from musical band Metis and some members of the National Brass Brand.
The main lights in the capital of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, are centred at the post office, at the National History Museum on the other side of the road, along Independence Avenue and at the Peace Park.

Andre told SNA that the ceremony was a symbolic gesture for us to enter in the Christmas season. (Joe Laurence, Seychelles News Agency)  Photo License: CC-BY 

“The whole decoration and lights are to create an ambience in the capital despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot attract many people but we can bring a little bit of Christmas cheer in Victoria,” said Andre.
The Mayor said that activities will be organised every weekend leading up to Christmas.
“Every weekend, we are planning to have an activity in the capital either at the Museum or at the La Passerelle waterfront café. There is a stage at the café where we will have live entertainment like musical bands or Christmas carols.  We cannot do a big advertisement to attract a large crowd but we do want to keep up the momentum every weekend until Christmas,” Andre told SNA.
Andre added that with the present economic situation of the country caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, his office could not do more, especially with a cut in the budget.
The Mayor is hence calling on businesses to also help bring some Christmas cheer to the capital.
“I would like to encourage all businesses in town to at least put some lights and decorations on to help make the capital beautiful and not to depend solely on the Mayor of Victoria,” said Andre. 

Source: Seychelles News Agency