Seychelles’ finance ministry launches customer feedback service 

Seychelles’ finance ministry has set up a customer feedback service to allow more interaction with its budget dependent entities such as the Procurement Oversight Unit Seychelles (POU) and the National Tender Board.
The principal information and communications officer, Lindy Vital, explained the new mechanism to the press on Wednesday morning.
Other entities under the ministry affected by the new policy are the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), the Fair Trading Commission (FTC), the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
Vital revealed that the online form is part of a feedback policy now in place.
The feedback form is available online at www.finance.gov.sc
She said the form will be available on these entities’ web pages as well as in copies at the Liberty House entrance “as we understand that some people prefer physical copies to just doing things online.”
“Members of the public with any feedback can go directly to the website and fill in the form which is then submitted to a specific email address,” she added.
Vital said that any feedback the Ministry gets through the online form will go to a specific email address which means one person will have access to it.
“It will then be the person’s responsibility according to our policy to follow the progress of the feedback sent and forward to the appropriate officers should there be a need,” she added.
In order to lodge feedback to the ministry, individuals will have to provide their names, addresses, national identification numbers, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses they are using.
“We will not be entertaining any feedback from third parties,” Vital warned.
The ministry is also giving the officer forwarding the feedback two days to acknowledge receipt and start work on the feedback – be it a compliment or a complaint.
Vital also told the press that the ministry will respond to feedback according to the laws governing it and added that “we are hoping that this new policy will encourage people to talk to us and vice versa.”

Source: Seychelles News Agency