Seychelles getting more reservoirs that use natural engineering to store water

A project in Seychelles is creating freshwater reserves using an approach that emphasises a natural approach to advanced engineering.

The ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in Seychelles (EBA) project has successfully constructed a first-ever gabion rock barrage at the Bougainville wetland in the district of Takamaka in the south of the main island of Mahe. The 40-metre-long barrage now holds about 35 million litres of water. In engineering terms, a barrage is an artificial obstruction in a watercourse to increase the depth of the water. Johan Mendez, the project consultant, told SNA last week that “this has resulted in an increased resilience to climate change and benefits for water supply for human consumption, food security and livelihoods….
Source: Seychelles News Agency