Seychelles introduces paperless embarkation process for travellers exiting island state

International outbound passengers from Seychelles will be able to submit embarkation information digitally as they prepare to exit as of November 2, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said on Monday.
Citizens of Seychelles and permit holders starting their travel from Seychelles, will be required to log on to the website: https://seychelles.govtas.com  or download the app “Seychelles E-Border” from the App Store or Google Play and fill in the information requested in the declaration.
According to the statement “upon their return to the country, citizens and permit holders will only have to fill in their flight details, the negative PCR Test Result, if applicable, health and customs information, as the App would already have their personal details should they have used the App to complete their Embarkation Information Form. An automatic acknowledgement of the declaration will ensue.”
“Citizens starting their journey from outside Seychelles would have already had their details captured when filling in the Disembarkation Information Form through the App, therefore eliminating the need to provide the same upon departure,” added the statement.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the coming online of this declaration process represents the determination of the Seychelles air transport and border control authorities to make use of digital applications to enhance travellers’ experience.
This development comes just over a year after the island nation in the western Indian Ocean, introduced the paperless disembarkation information, which inbound passengers can submit from the comfort of their homes.
In August last year, Seychelles announced the roll out of the paperless entry for international arrivals in Seychelles.
The Principal Secretary for Immigration, Alain Volcere, said that “not only is this an improvement for travellers to our country but the introduction of a digital system means increased efficiency for front-line immigration officers.”
Source: Seychelles News Agency