Seychelles launches website for access to cases, forms, legislation

Lawyers, judges and the public in Seychelles can now access recent cases online as well as download forms and legislation on a website launched by the Judiciary on Tuesday.
The website will be the central storage space for information about the judiciary. The site features a direct link to the Judiciary case list, detailing upcoming sittings of the different courts and tribunals.
In her address at the website’s launching, the Chief Justice, Mathilda Twomey, said that the launch ensures broad access to judicial information.
“The ability to monitor the advancement of proceedings, access good quality legal databases, and the availability of public versions of judgements ensures public awareness and scrutiny, enhances the accountability of the whole judicial system,” said Twomey.
The Judiciary of Seychelles provides an introduction to the institution, the different courts and tribunals, lists of judicial officers and tribunal members and explains how different aspects of the Judiciary work.
The site also links to the Seychelles Legal Information Institute (SeyLII), which offers free and anonymous access to case law, legislation and secondary legal materials from the Seychelles. SeyLII is an independent, self-funded organisation.
“These two sites will continue to work closely together and complement one another,” said Alan Wallis, the Judiciary’s information officer.
Twomey said that “access to legal information is central to legal empowerment. Knowledge can only be power if you can access the knowledge. We hope that we will be able to expand the categories of information available in the coming years.”
During the ceremony, the Judiciary announced the renaming of its library to the Andre Sauzier Law Library in honour of the late Judge Sauzier and his commitment to the rule of law, independence and justice.
The library features a public reading room – the Tony Angelo Reading Room -named after Professor Tony Angelo who has been an indispensable resource to the Judiciary, and through his generosity and expertise has assisted the Judiciary in preparing the law reports of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.
Source: Seychelles News Agency