Seychelles’ parliament approves 3 new ambassadors

The Seychelles National Assembly on Monday approved unanimously the nominations of three new ambassadors.
The motion calling for the parliament’s approval of the new diplomatic nominations made by President Wavel Ramkalawan was presented by the Leader of Government Business, Bernard Georges, in alphabetical order. 
The nominees were Gervais Moumou, Kenneth Racombo and Georges Tirant.
The first to be questioned by the Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), was Gervais Moumou who has over 10 years of experience in the Protocol Section in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as State House.
“I am a calm person by nature,” said Moumou when introducing himself to the Assembly adding later on in the interview that he had “workaholic tendencies”.
Currently, the chief of state protocol, Moumou who initially studied for a degree in the field of physical education and sports in Cuba, explained that he is concerned with maritime security.
He said that should he be appointed he “would fight and push the small islands’ states’ agenda in maritime security as this is a means to mitigate the effects of drugs on the youth.”
Moumou explained that maritime security was the key to stopping drugs from getting into the country.
The second nominee, Kenneth Racombo, currently the principal secretary of the Blue Economy, said “I am a patriotic person and I love my country very much and this is one of the reasons why I accepted to return and work in the Blue Economy.
Racombo revealed that should he be appointed as an ambassador of Seychelles he will take it all on-board and continue the work.
The 45-year-old economist previously held the post of acting chief executive officer position in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) tourism office in 2018, before taking on the role in the Blue Economy Department.
“I have worked with various ministers and various presidents from whom I have learned a lot,” he said when asked whether he would deal with politics in the workplace.
The third nominee, former Catholic priest turned financial professional, Georges Tirant, said, although he is not from the Foreign Affairs Department, the President believed it is important to bring a new and innovative way of doing things. 
“My appointment will be a learning curve,” said Tirant who pointed out that he has requested “extensive training” for his new role.
Tirant is currently the head of the Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission– a post he has held for the last four years.
After his decision to leave the church, Tirant then trained in Business Law – leading him to work at the Central Bank and later on at the Fair Trading Commission as a director and finally CEO in 2013.
When challenged on the fact that he has no diplomatic background, Tirant explained that the expertise and experience acquired in his respective field will be an added bonus.
Concerning his new role of promoting Seychelles as a tourism destination, Tirant explained that he will be able to carry out that aspect as an “ambassador is a focal point for all areas which also include culture and tourism.”
Following the approval of the National Assembly, the ambassadors will receive their instruments of appointment from the President of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan.
It is not yet known where they will be posted.
Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, currently has embassies in eight countries, an ambassador for climate change and small island states and 78 consulates, both headed by honorary consuls or consul generals.
Source: Seychelles News Agency