Seychelles’ President presents 3 new ambassadors with instruments of appointment

President Wavel Ramkalawan on Wednesday presented three new ambassadors of Seychelles with their instrument of appointment in a short ceremony at State House, sharing with them his expectations.
The appointment of the three ambassadors – Kenneth Racombo, Georges Tirant and Gervais Moumou – was approved by the National Assembly on December 12.
The three ambassadors shared with the press that they are honoured to have been chosen to serve their country.
Former Blue Economy principal secretary, Racombo, outlined that the appointment is a progression in his career within the foreign affairs department.
“I have done my studies in the diplomacy field and have worked in Foreign Affairs for many years. Yes, for four years I have been working as the Principal Secretary for Blue Economy. Going back to Foreign Affairs to serve and represent my country is a privilege and an honour for me,” said Racombo.
Ambassador Tirant talked about his lack of experience in the field of diplomacy but said that in many countries, there are ambassadors who come from the diplomatic field while there are others who have other backgrounds.
“We have seen ambassadors accredited to Seychelles who come from other backgrounds for specific reasons. With my experience in the trade, I believe that those who appointed me have seen my ability and capacity, not only to defend the interests of Seychelles but also to promote Seychelles and facilitate dossiers coming from other government departments,” said Tirant.
Moumou, who previously occupied the role of chief of the protocol of the foreign affairs department and chief of protocol of the Office of the President, shared that the news of his nomination came as a shock.
“I always wanted to do my work in the background, but I was identified as a person who can serve in the foreground and provide my efforts and dedication at a higher level, all in the interest of Seychelles and the people,” he said.
Moumou said the President outlined his expectations of the three ambassadors.
“He asked us to fly the Seychelles flag high, open doors, and explore different areas where we can either intensify cooperation or create new ones to benefit Seychelles. He also touched on tourism, saying that we need to continue to promote it. Another interesting thing he talked about is his vision for the transformation of Seychelles. He wants us to help him in achieving this so that Seychelles can become a united country where all Seychellois can feel that they are contributing,” explained Moumou.
The newly appointed ambassadors will hold detailed discussions with foreign affairs minister Sylvestre Radegonde, to learn more about their new roles. At the moment, no details have been shared on where and when they will be posted.
Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, currently has nine operating overseas diplomatic missions.
Source: Seychelles News Agency