Seychelles’ tourism minister pushes for localisation of top hotel staff

The localisation of posts in Seychelles’ tourism industry, the workforce and training, were some of the points raised in a meeting between the Department of Tourism and hotel general managers on Thursday.
Over the years, there have been many issues raised on the high level of expatriate workers in the tourism industry, the top pillar of the Seychelles economy.
Seychelles’ tourism minister Sylvestre Radegonde, who chaired the meeting, said that localisation of posts is important “as we not only need more Seychellois in hotels but we want to keep them there.”
Radegonde said that “the difference between this meeting and the others held with the owners of smaller establishments is that while the smaller establishments are mainly owned by Seychellois, the general managers here today were mainly non-Seychellois.” 
He said that such discussion is vital as they are the ones who employed many workers in the industry.
Staff training and motivation were also discussed and general managers who have international experience will be sharing their expertise with students from the Seychelles Tourism Academy.
The mentorship programme was also raised and the hotel manager of DoubleTree by Hilton – Allamanda Resort and Spa, Doreen De Letourdie, said as a mentor herself she is setting her objectives together with the mentees.   
The meeting is part of the minister’s programme to frequently visit tourism establishments with the aim to improve current tourism products as well as introduce new ones.
Radegonde said there are plans to have additional meetings during the year, where “those attending will evaluate the progress made over the last three months.”

Source: Seychelles News Agency