Supporter of proposed monorail system for Seychelles touts reduction in traffic, pollution; gov’t not convinced

Reducing traffic congestion, pollution and fuel use, as well as creating an alternative emergency route, would be some of the benefits of a monorail system in Seychelles, said a local entrepreneur who is seeking support for his plan.

A monorail is a single rail serving as a track for passenger or freight vehicles, usually elevated above the ground. The Anse Royale Express, as the monorail system planned for Seychelles is called, would run from Anse Royale, a southern district of the main island of Mahe, through to Anse Etoile, a northern district.

Talking about his project, Barry Laine, the chairperson of Anse Royale Express, told SNA that there are many benefits brought about by the construction of such a transport system.

“The monorail was designed to let the train take the strain from our congested roads….
Source: Seychelles News Agency