Two boats from Sri Lanka intercepted in waters of Seychelles for illegal fishing

The captain of a Sri Lankan-flagged vessel appeared in court Tuesday after being arrested for allegedly fishing illegally in the waters of Seychelles, while a second captain is being investigated after two boats were intercepted by the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The announcement of the interception of two foreign fishing vessels by the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) was made by the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces on Friday. The two Sri Lankan-flagged vessels were first spotted by local fishermen around 90 nautical miles south-east of Mahe, the main island.

The two vessels were intercepted by the Seychelles Coast Guard’s patrol ship Topaz and patrol boat La Fleche. The vessels were handed over to the Seychelles Fisheries Authority and the police upon arrival in Port Victoria on November 2.

Source: Seychelles News Agency