Court in Seychelles dismissed land compensation claim on four parcels

The Seychelles Court of Appeal has dismissed Philippe Jumeau’s claim that he did not receive full and fair compensation for four parcels of land taken from him under the Land Acquisition Act of 1977 as a case without merit.
The disputed properties are parcel V1970 situated in Mont Fleuri on the main island of Mahe, where the Libyan Embassy was previously located. The other three also on the island are parcel J320, where the National Council for Children Headquarters is located at Bel Eau, as well as parcels V370 and V375 in the northern district of Beau Vallon.
Jumeau had taken his claim to the Constitutional Court that ruled in his favour in April and awarded him SCR 30,700,200 ($2,318,618) to cover the land acquired as well as his legal costs of SCR 90,000 ($6,797) .
He then made a cross-appeal and claimed that the Constitutional Court failed to consider compensation for the villa on land V1970. Jumeau also claimed that the court failed to award compensation for a vehicular access road built on one of the lands before its acquisition.
In its ruling, the Court of Appeal stated that there is no merit to any of the grounds brought forth by Jumeau.
The Court ruled that the cross appeal is without merit and dismissed it in its entirety.

Source: Seychelles News Agency