Deposit to be applied to alcohol in glass bottles in Seychelles

A deposit of SCR2 will be applied to alcoholic drinks in glass bottles beginning in October in an effort to incentivise recycling and cut down on litter in Seychelles.

The levy to be introduced is part of a new scheme within the waste management strategy, the Director-General for Waste, Enforcement and Permit, Nanette Laure, told a news conference Tuesday.

“Before we were targeting all glass bottles but we relooked at our implementation and decided to start with alcoholic glass bottles. From there we will see if there is a necessity to implement it on non-alcoholic glass bottles,” said Laure.

The scheme was to be introduced in July, but following discussions with importers and other concerned parties, the date was pushed to October after importers said they needed more time.

Source: Seychelles News Agency