Picnic Nation Seychelles offers luxury, picturesque dining without the work


Picnic Nation Seychelles offers luxury, picturesque dining without the work

Craving a luxury picnic but not interested in the work it would take to organize? Picnic Nation Seychelles, co-founded by Rose-May Lavigne and Lorraine Dalpez, may be your answer.
SNA met with the co-founders to learn more about this new service.
SNA: What is Picnic Nation Seychelles and what does it focus on? Who stands behind the business?
RL: Picnic Nation Seychelles offers luxury picnics in Seychelles’ magical locations. it is an exclusive service for people to connect with the nature of the islands, the food that they are eating, and also with each other. That is where our heart is.
We are two – Rose-May Lavigne and Lorraine Dalpez. We are both co-founders and owners of the business. Lorraine studied events management and she is the owner of Mr. and Mrs. Weddings and Events, a wedding planning company in Seychelles. I studied business and hotel management and now own a social media marketing agency. Our skills come together very well for this business.

 Rose-May Lavigne (right) and Lorraine Dalpez. We are both co-founders and owners of the business. (Picnic Nation) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

SNA: Where did the idea come to create Picnic Nation?
LD: The idea started mid-last year when we saw an Instagram post of a picnic in Australia and we thought ‘why don’t we bring this to Seychelles?’ We have amazing nature here.
Our borders at the time were closed and our tourism industry had been hit hard so we thought why not gear up and get ready for when our borders reopen to something that is different. We worked very hard for a few months on our branding, product offering and pricing, and we managed to launch in early June.
The idea for the name Picnic Nation came about because we know that our nation is one that loves to picnic. It is a tradition that we have on weekends and public holidays where we all go to the beach and have a picnic with our families, so we decided to name the business Picnic Nation in honour of our nation’s love for picnics.
SNA: There are quite a few event organisers in the country providing decorating services, how does Picnic Nation stand out from this crowd?
RL: It is great to see that with many people are launching their own businesses. It is good to see that Seychellois have so many talents and skills. Yes, there are a few event organisers providing decorative services but for us, the positioning of Picnic Nation is very important.
Our luxury picnics are not only in the decor but stand out in the service that is given. Decor can be easily replicated but what stands out is the way that we treat our guests and the services that we give them. Every touchpoint is important to us – from the moment our clients message us to the moment they leave and even afterward. Every sound, every smell, every touch we pay attention to and this is how we differentiate ourselves.

The Picnic Nation luxury picnics are not only in the decor but stand out in the service that is given. (Picnic Nation) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

SNA: When did the business operation start and how have people responded to the new venture?
LD: We did a soft launch in June and as soon as we did that, we started getting bookings. Since the opening, we have been extremely blessed with the response that we got and all the love and support that we received on social media from both tourists and locals. We are very excited about that and certainly very grateful.
It is something new in Seychelles and COVID-19 has taken a lot from us – our freedom, our ability to go out and do fun things. I think that intimate picnics, even for a couple, is something special that they can do without going against health regulations. It is important to note that due to the COVID-19 regulations, we try to limit our picnics to small groups unless it is a hotel, where we set up for them to accommodate larger groups, all within the health regulations.
SNA: What services do you offer and which events do you cater for?
RL: We organise picnic for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements, proposals, wedding anniversaries – you name it and we can do it. We have also started offering picnic packages such as package helicopter and picnic, and wedding and picnic. We provide extras such as photography, transfers, cakes. We try our best not to say no to our clients. 

Services offer include organise picnic for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements, proposals, wedding anniversaries. (Picnic Nation) Photo License: All Rights Reserved 

SNA: How would you describe the aesthetic style of Picnic Nation?
LD: We lean towards the boho style and aesthetic as it is trending now, using pampas, boho accessories decors, rugs and cushions. It is very important in the industry and now even on social media to be in trend, so that is what we are offering.
We cater to different needs too. For example, we also have a castaway theme that is very popular with our visitors, characterised by blues, whites, driftwood and shells. 
SNA: How do you view collaboration and promotion between local businesses?
RL: We view this as very important. We rely so much on the support, products and services from other suppliers, both big and small. For example, we work with local helicopter services which are much bigger and much more luxurious. On the other hand, we also work with small craft businesses, local bakeries, transfer services among others. We have a very good and close working relationship with them all without whom we would not be able to do what we do. We are very blessed to have such great people.
SNA: What are your starting packages for picnics?
LD: For picnics, we have venue options and platter options. Our prices depend on the venue of choice, on the extras, as well as your platters. We do work with private venues which charge a fee of course. The reason we work with private venues is that it is more exclusive, private and intimate. Clients also have access to washrooms which is really important, especially now during COVID, where people are always wanting to wash their hands.

Clients can usually choose from options or recommendations provided. (Picnic Nation) Photo License: All Rights Reserved 

SNA: How do you find the ideal location for a client?
RL: When a client messages us looking for a venue, we usually send them our options and then they can choose or we recommend. Our options range from sunset rocktop, to garden treehouse or beach venue. We also st up at people’s homes, backyards or in private villa or hotel rooms. 
SNA: What are your future plans for Picnic Nation?
LD: Our plans are to continue maintaining our standards and raising them of course. We want to keep developing our brand and business, offering new services and packages for our guests.
Our plans also include working with more suppliers both locally and internationally. We want to continue growing that network and relationship that we have with hotels and travel agents. We know that the future is bright for Picnic Nation and we want to thank all our clients who have booked picnics with us.  

Source: Seychelles News Agency