President of Seychelles encourages everyone to do their best in the New Year

As the world embraces the New Year, there is much that each individual can drive to make happen, and it is in this spirit that President Wavel Ramkalawan invited all people of Seychelles to approach 2022.
Ramkalawan on Friday wished all Seychellois and their loved ones a Happy New Year.
“Despite the challenges and hardships, we have succeeded in protecting our families, remain in employment or become employed, which has permitted us to put food on our family’s table. Our health has allowed us to get up, work, and our country Seychelles has been spared great calamity,” he said
“I wish to invite each child of Seychelles to work hard to improve themselves. Remember that all commences with you as an individual. It starts with our children. Know the priorities for your age, and make your studies your number one priority. You are in school, so your priority is to develop good manners, that is the proper behaviour towards your parents, your teachers and everyone around you,” added Ramkalawan.
The head of state of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, also had a message for all workers.
“Your workplace expects the best of you. If each worker took their role seriously, frustration would be eliminated and we would move forward faster and our people would be happy. I expect all government employees to become true servants of this people, and this starts with me, the ministers, MNAs, judges, CEOs, principal secretaries, the others in positions of authority, as well as all workers,” said Ramkalawan.
He added that the same is expected for the private sector and that if the public and private sectors are able to develop an excellent relationship during 2022, nothing will be able to stop Seychelles.
Ramkalawan invited all Seychellois to become more aware of what is going on around them what each individual can do to improve their community.
“Sometimes it is those little things that are easiest to change, but unfortunately it is either because we lack the courage to do so or we are simply negative that stops us from making those changes. We must change that attitude and consider that we, each one of us, have the possibility and the strength to bring about that change where we are living,” he said.
“It is we, each Seychellois, who will contribute in eliminating these scourges which are today suffocating our communities, destroying our children and our workforce, bringing immorality and making us waste so much money that could be used to provide a better system of education, health, social wellbeing, sports programmes and allow us to live healthy lives,” he added.
Ramkalawan called on Seychellois brothers and sisters to give Seychelles back its pride “through what we are doing and with our aspiration for a better tomorrow. It is important for us to attach ourselves to good values, such as honesty, sincerity, love, hard work and unity at all times.”
“Today as we start a new year, let us please reject selfishness, criminality, destruction of our fellow man, hypocrisy and all vice that destroys instead of building.  Let us continue to take all measures to protect ourselves, especially against COVID which continues to ravage our country and our islands,” he said.
“Seychelles has given every Seychellois a free gift called a vaccine. Take it and save lives. Come down and protect yourself with this gift that God has gifted humanity. Seychelles is fortunate because God has blessed us, so make good use of that blessing,” added Ramkalawan.
“I approach the year 2022 with enthusiasm and the hope that it will be a good year for all of us. I have no doubt that the strength of each Seychellois will grant the great transformation that we need. Our country will truly become that land of prosperity and joy for each Seychellois child,” said the President.
He concluded by saying that “with joy in my heart, the unity of our people in my mind, courage in my entire being and resolve as my compass, I invite you to accompany me towards the creation of our Seychelles, to raise our flag, and to proclaim aloud ‘This is my Seychelles!”

Source: Seychelles News Agency