Seychellois who earned top-in-class forensic accounting honours turns gazes to island nation

A Seychellois who studied forensic accounting in the United Kingdom has been awarded the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Prize for coming top in her class.
Hillary Baron, who was a recipient of the first-ever Central Bank of Seychelles’ Guy Morel High Achievement Scholarship, graduated with a distinction in Masters of Science in Forensic Accounting course from Sheffield Hallam University.
Baron, who paid a courtesy call to President Wavel Ramkalawan at Statehouse on Monday, told journalists that she is now undertaking research to find out where opportunities exist on the island nation to best apply and share her new-found knowledge.
“I would like to bring and put into practice the knowledge acquired here in Seychelles, and that I can encourage more accountability, transparency and better governance in the field of work itself and help in the development of the financial sector, which will then bring more benefits for the country and help to eliminate some criminal activities in Seychelles,” explained the Baron.
The president said that “it is always a moment of delight and great pride to hear about our Seychellois talents excelling in their respective fields. Congratulations Ms Baron for your outstanding performance.”
“The excellent result in your studies is a reflection of your hard work and perseverance. The future of our nation is in the hands of our youth and today as a young Seychellois professional you represent the beacon of hope for the future of our country. We are very proud of you,” added the president.
Baron, who graduated last year, is one of the first two awardees of the CBS scholarship programme for the 2019 academic year,
She has expressed her gratitude to CBS, which she said had helped her to turn her dream of becoming a professional Forensic Accountant into reality.
“The scholarship has helped me develop career-wise, building a higher level of professionalism and greater knowledge attained. It provided me with the opportunity for cultural exchange and learning from highly experienced professionals within the sectors of fraud and criminal activities, thus greatly benefiting me both personally and professionally,” said Baron.
 The Guy Morel High Achievement Scholarship programme which is offered annually was launched in September 2018. The programme targets high academic achievers and supports the development of their competence to join the financial services sector, to enhance local capacity and expertise, explained the governor of the Central Bank.
Caroline Abel added that Baron has shown passion, consistency and excellence in her field of study. ”We are confident that she will do her part to contribute positively to the development of forensic accounting, an area in which Seychelles needs to build capacity given our engagement towards promoting greater transparency, accountability and good governance,” said Abel.
The governor is launching an appeal to journalists in Seychelles – 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – to take advantage of the Central Bank of Seychelles’ Guy Morel High Achievement Scholarship, which also offers opportunities for studies in financial journalism. Abel’s appeal came after the scholarship was offered last year but no one applied. Journalists are being encouraged to apply for the same once the scholarship is launched later this year. 

Source: Seychelles News Agency