SNA’s 5 most-read stories in 2021


SNA’s 5 most-read stories in 2021

2021 brought a second consecutive year of COVID-19 challenges, but a vaccination programme that started early in the year allowed the country to reopen its borders and relaunch its economy.
As the world readies its charge into 2022, SNA looks back at its five most-read articles of 2021.
The entire SNA team thanks all of our readers in our great island nation as well as news hounds from around the globe. We hope you will keep following news and sunny feature stories from Seychelles!
5. Seychelles’ Islands Development Co. restarts large-scale coconut oil production
As per its outer development plan, the Islands Development Company was to produce coconut oil to support the local industry. IDC, which is Seychelles’ largest coconut oil producer, is back in business after acquiring a new oil mill which is producing up to 600 litres of oil per day. The majority was exported but IDC is also selling to local buyers.
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4. Bank Al Habib Limited to close its branch in Seychelles
Bank Al Habib Limited, a Pakistani multi-national bank which specialises in trade financing, submitted a request in September that it was closing down. The filing was approved by the Central Bank of Seychelles.
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3. Seychelles sports fishing club hosting yellowfin tournament
The Seychelles Sports Fishing Club hosted a new tournament for its members called the Yellowfin Tuna Cup. Prizes were awarded immediately after weigh-in results were calculated.
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2. Seychelles to scrutinise cryptocurrency space, decide to licence or prohibit industry
The Seychelles’ Financial Services Authority and the Ministry of Finance said they were working on a policy to either prohibit or licence the incorporation of cryptocurrency trading platforms as International Business Companies (IBC) registered in the island nation. The introduction of such a policy would put Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, in line with recent Financial Action Task Force (FATF) amendments made in June 2020.
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1. Seychelles becomes first country in Africa to start COVID-19 vaccinations
Seychelles became the first country in Africa to roll out its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, when the island nation’s political leaders and health workers took the vaccine on January 10 after it received 50,000 doses of sinopharm.
The Ministry described the vaccination roll-out as a crucial step in responding to the pandemic and which adds a layer of protection in addition to wearing masks, physical and social distance and maintaining proper hygiene.
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Source: Seychelles News Agency