French ‘yellow vest’ protests spill over borders

A wave of protests in France over fuel prices and low living standards has spilt into neighbouring countries, causing disruption for truckers in Britain and Spain and leading to arrests in Belgium.

Several dozen people were detained at a fuel depot in Belgium near the French border overnight Wednesday-Thursday, while Spain slammed traffic jams on the border with its northern neighbour.

Hundreds of thousands of people wearing fluorescent yellow jackets began blockading roads and energy infrastructure across France on Saturday to protest against higher fuel prices and low living standards.

Road blocks and brief border closures caused traffic jams of some 11 kilometres (seven miles) on Tuesday on the main highway through the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, the Spanish foreign ministry said Thursday.

The movement was “obstructing the free circulation of goods between member states” of the European Union, a statement said, adding that the cost was estimated at two million euros.

Source: Seychelles News Agency